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Female behavior

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Female behavior  Empty Female behavior

Post by Ashley89@ Tue 01 Nov 2022, 2:01 pm

So I noticed that some of my females are Prego. I cleaned the cages and separated them so there were not so many. Well I have 5 In one house and 4 in another. Well one of the 5 sleeps alone and gets picked on. I was going to move her but one of my females has given birth and I don't want to add her there and upset Mom mouse. Any suggestions or opinions on what to do or what is going on...

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Female behavior  Empty Re: Female behavior

Post by cerial Wed 02 Nov 2022, 5:25 am

Your going to have submissive mice. Light butt pulling and pinning down showing dominance is normal. Watch the submissives tail and ears for bites that draw blood.
Outside of that its normal. In groups of mice a submissive may be protected by a dominant mouse. Removing the dominant may make it worse for the submissive.

I dont remove pups from a cage generally if you do once they are eating solid foods they will be seen as a outside mouse and not part of the group. Having the other mice being able to see the pups lets them treat them as a group and results in fewer incidents once they are away from mom.

If one of them are carried off it is usually just for a bit before they are left alone and mom gets them. It is one of those things. They will be curious but generally wont hurt them. Now this is if you never remove the mother from the group. Just giving her and the other mice many diffrent sleeping options.

Give them all additional nesting material as they will all want to make nest if pups are around.

Now that you have seperated them I would be very careful introducing the very small and curious babies once they are a month old.

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