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Post by Chateaudubois Sat 18 Feb 2023, 5:04 pm

I'm new here, happy to find a place to talk and hear about pet Mice!
I found my Peanut on my driveway the morning after a severe storm in the fall. He was wet, shivering in a tiny ball. When I picked "it" up I discovered it was a baby who's eyes weren't even open Sad
I brought him in and I've always helped God's creatures in need, so I dried him and assessed his condition.
I called the humane society and they said (IF it lives through the night, call the wildlife place the next day) I mixed a baby critter formula and fed him through the night... he survived Smile I called the place they told me to and was told they don't rehab mice but would use him as food for the rapters. I decided to try to treat him myself and then hopefully release him. Well, turns out - whatever happened to him to bring him to my driveway before his eyes were open (they opened a few days later), resulted in him walking wobbly. He's the Sweetest little guy, he spent the first week or so bundled close to my heart (cause I wanted him to feel secure and safe) I have a nice critter habitat for him and although he has a tilt to his walk, he seems happy and healthy.
Peanut's Mom - Deb

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