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Sneezing I think :/

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Sneezing I think :/ Empty Sneezing I think :/

Post by beansforbreakfast Sat 22 Apr 2023, 1:58 am

Hey guys,
This is my first time ever owning mice but I have done a fair bit of research. I have seen this question a lot on this site and have watched some of the videos posted by others but am still not entirely sure.

Here is a video of my new (2 days in my care) pet mouse Peedee (short for Centipede):

In this video I am pretty sure she is sneezing but I would love some advice. What makes me unsure if she is unwell is that:
- she only does this when I have the lid of the enclosure open (I have not seen or heard her sneeze while she is sleeping either whether the lid is open or closed)
- she doesn’t seem to have any difficulty or noise when breathing, and is eating and drinking well
- she does seem to groom her nose more than the other girls but only really while these “sneezes” are happening (otherwise it’s a normal amount)
- the other 2 girls I got from the same breeder (RSPCA approved ethical breeder) don’t do this at all and they were housed together before I bought them
- Peedee is from a different litter than my other 2 girls but was born only 2 days after them and was housed with them from a young age (I am unsure if they are genetically related - I didn’t ask bc I have no intention of breeding them) but she is little bit smaller than the other girls

Please help! I know that mice are very good at hiding problems and I want to make sure she is okay. Sad
I am more than happy to take her to a vet but would also love to save the money if it isn’t an issue worth looking into.

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