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Hello! From Brie and her babies

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Hello! From Brie and her babies Empty Hello! From Brie and her babies

Post by Briechez Fri 05 May 2023, 7:38 am

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for letting me join this great community, my name is Brie and I live in Indiana USA, and have been a small animal enthusiast since 2016 but really my whole life. Owning mice since July 2022 I have almost been in the hobby for a year I still have much to learn. I live with my current 5 mouse colony, whose names are as followed in age descending,

Sprite, Standard black doe
Dumpling, Feeder Pew
Mrs. Jingles, Fancy Agouti
Poe, Fancy Black/White Dutch
Cherry, Feeder Lavender

All of my mice besides Sprite, which I purchased through a mouse breeder who no longer breeds mice, have been purchased through surrenders and friends. As much as I love the show-type mouse (slender) I still love my babies 100%. All of my mice live in their 1312-square-inch mansion. I love this hobby and I can't wait to see how my love for mice grows and my family grows larger! Kiss Love

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