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Advice Wanted Empty Advice Wanted

Post by Dakota Sun 14 May 2023, 9:18 am

One of my mice Wren (female) has been really unwell recently. She will just stand and pant in her cage. She is only 4 months old and I got her from a breeder I've had quite a few mice from in the past. One of my other mice (Sadie) recently died also. She was around 1 and I also got her from the same breeder. Sadie started just laying in her hammock and not moving and she had very bad diarrhea. I reached out to my breeder and she recommended a medicine called baytril that I bought from the lady she recommended. I only gave Sadie a small amount but it never seemed to help and she sadly passed away a few days later. My other mouse Wren now has diarrhea but I'm unsure if the medication was causing this so I stopped using it. I don't think she could have gotten anything from Sadie as Sadie died early April and this is now happening a month later and none of her other sisters seem ill. She has also lost pretty much all fur on her face. I have called lots of vets in my area and they all say they don't deal with mice. I don't know whether to separate her from her sisters or how to make her better. Any advice would be much appreciated. My email is

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