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Mouse introductions one more stressed than others

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Mouse introductions one more stressed than others  Empty Mouse introductions one more stressed than others

Post by AHKCmice Sat 26 Aug 2023, 8:59 pm


We had two female mice, one passed away recently and so we adopted two more female mice. We have them in separate tanks, and have been slowly introducing them to each other in another smaller tank that’s neutralized. On the first day of introductions, we found that our older single mouse had asserted her dominance over the other two, with not too much fighting. We’ve introduced them again two more times over the last few days, and the older mouse and one of the two new mice seem to get along fine. The last of the new mice seems overwhelmingly more stressed and submissive. She seems to freeze whenever the older mouse comes near her, she’s breathing extremely rapidly and heavily and the older mouse seems to be going underneath her and sniffing and smelling her while she’s in that freeze mode. She doesn’t come out of her freeze, and ends up laying down or crouching in the corner of the neutral tank with that heavy breathing.

When she’s in the tank with her sister that we got her with, she seems to be generally fine. She’s eating, drinking, running etc. without the heavy breathing or freezing.

The older alpha mouse is not biting, chasing, mounting, or being particularly aggressive to either of the new mice, but the one seems so stressed we’re very worries about her.

Any advice or thoughts? We’re concerned if we will be even able to house them together, or if she may be sick in some way.

Pictures don’t do exact justice but the oldest is Pepper she’s black and white spotted, then the two new mice are Olive (the smaller black and white) and Cinnamon (the lighter colored one were worried about)

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Mouse introductions one more stressed than others  Empty Re: Mouse introductions one more stressed than others

Post by catnapt Sun 03 Sep 2023, 3:04 pm

I'd be concerned that the one who is doing the heavy breathing might have a respiratory infection

I am new-ish to mice but had rats for years, and they are quite prone to resp infections (rats AND mice)

I've never had any rats breathe heavily unless they were sick (some had heart conditions, which mice can have as well)
if you can, I'd get that mouse to a vet

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