Bridgeville, Delaware - Dr. Michael Metzler

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Bridgeville, Delaware - Dr. Michael Metzler

Post by CallaLily on Sat 09 Apr 2016, 11:37 am

Dr Mike is great! He really takes the time to explain things and you can easily see his genuine love of animals of all kinds. This practice doesn't see mice often but they seem to know them well enough, handling them properly and with ease. We've been in multiple times now with some of our mice and would for sure return if ever needed. I wouldn't hesitate to take any of my other pets to him as well.

Please note: He takes walk ins only which is great but does mean that some days you'll be waiting a while. Get in early to sign in. They see you in order of arrival, except pre-op appointments (they're in and out) and all emergencies will be seen first. (the other vet there does make regular appointments but I have no comment on her)

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