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Handfeeding? Empty Handfeeding?

Post by River Mon 29 Aug 2016, 5:54 pm

When is hand-feeding okay? Is handfeeding a tamed mouse okay?
Also, could you use a plastic spoon to offer treats directly to make taming easier? Graham is very treat motivated but is otherwise not interested in being tamed. At all. But she nibbles, so I don't want her to start biting. Advice?

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Handfeeding? Empty Re: Handfeeding?

Post by CinnamonPearl Mon 29 Aug 2016, 8:48 pm

Once a mouse is tame, you can handfeed them.

What I would do is not handfeed Graham but instead leave her treats to find when she's out with you. That way, she knows good things happen while she's with you, but the food isn't coming from you. And remember, if she nibbles on you, blow on her until she stops. Mice hate it, but it doesn't hurt at all, so it's the best way to deter them from doing certain behaviors.

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