Great deal on Sunseed Vita Parakeet Food!

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Great deal on Sunseed Vita Parakeet Food!

Post by MooMouse on Tue 04 Oct 2016, 2:06 pm

I was just checking Dr. Foster and Smith's website for the price of some of their parakeet foods and stumbled upon this deal!

$4.79 for a 2 pound bag of Sunseed Vita Parakeet food! Additionally, they have free shipping on orders of $19 or more, which is a better deal than almost every petstore. Buying 4 bags takes you to $19.16 (before tax). And, when you sign up for Sunseed's email list, you get 4 rebate coupons, one for $5 off any 3 Sunseed foods. (Sign up here: ) So, you are basically getting 4 bags of food for $14.16, which is $3.54 a bag! I only have one mouse, so I think he'll be set for life with this deal.
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