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Cage Calculator

Post by Peachy on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:40 pm

The content on this page is copyrighted and credited to Barbarafunmouse (from The Fun Mouse). Please do not reproduce in any way without permission.

This calculator will give you a rough idea of mice per square inch of floor space. It was set up as a basic minimum. Mice that are larger or more active than average will absolutely enjoy more space! Though mice love to climb and height is always a good thing, height and shelves aren't taken into account in the calculator because a mouse usually spends a majority of its time on the floor level.

To view the calculator and the quick look up tool for basic aquarium sizes, visit this link:

You're encouraged to give your mouse as much space as you can, but keep in mind that a mouse tank should look cramped full of stuff! That's the way they like it. It should be full of a million toys, low as well as high up! Everywhere a mouse goes it should be an activity. The largest open space in a mouse's tank should be the nest, which should only be slightly larger than the mice next to each other. For a bunch of wonderful, fun toy ideas, check out the following links:

Housing Pictures --
Popsicle stick toys --
Totally Free Toy Ideas --

Also check out the Mouse DIYs section for more ideas and tutorials --

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